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The Dutch Art of Quietude – download the free poster below. 

We all long for moments when we can slow down and for opportunities to be still. Life can get hectic, as we continuously hop from one thing to another. Days are often filled with too much noise, anxiety,  and confusion. What do you do when the life you created isn’t what you expected it to be? What can you do to slow it all down? Author Mirjam van der Vegt encourages each of us to focus on stillness and literal silence, creating space for moments of peace in our crazed everyday lives.

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Stilte: The Dutch Art of Quietude is a small but mighty book. This 6” x 6” (approx.) hardcover book holds a treasure of guidance in focusing on silence and inviting peace, calmness, and serenity into life.
Our days are often filled with noise, multi-tasking, rush…rush…rush… But Stilte, or silence, helps rid us of commotion and anxiety that comes with busyness. Silence is powerful. It brings calm, just as taking a deep breath composes us or counting to ten keeps us from making hasty decisions.
The Scripture verse, Psalm 46:10, has always spoken to me. “Be still, and know that I am God.” Stilte brings this verse, amid others, close to mind. In stillness, quiet, and meditation we draw nearer to God.
This is a lovely book to soften the busyness and volume of our minds, heart, and soul. It is pretty, purposeful, and belongs on my keeper shelf.

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